Equipping can be fun, but sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect mix of function and fashion, like choosing a smartwatch. The best news is that there are countless opportunities for women these days. Our favourite is the Fossil Gen 5 Julianna, which offers high-end features while offering a classic and elegant design. We have put together the best options to help you choose the right one for you.

Best overall: Fossil Gen 5 Julianna
Best price-performance ratio: Fossil Gen 4 Venture
Best timeless design: Michael Kors Access Runway

Equipping can be fun, but it takes longer to find the perfect combination of function and mode, like when choosing a smartwatch. The good news is that there is perceptually for women.

best women’s smartwatches Global: Fossil Gen 5 Julianna.

women's smartwatches

If you were a fan of Fossils Gen 4 smartwatches but expected improvements now is the time to do so. Gen 5 smartwatches, including the beautiful Julianna, have a sleek new design, more RAM, and an external speaker. It also offers everything you need to do: activity and heart rate tracking, 3 ATM water resistance (depth up to 30 meters), Google Assistant, Google Pay, notifications and GPS. The Snapdragon Wear 3100 is finally here and contributes to the life of the battery. If you expected a significant update, you might be disappointed. Julianna is around 24 hours old, which is not a substantial improvement over the previous generation.

Thanks to the new processor and battery saving mode, however, you can achieve more benefits between charging processes. The extended way does not deactivate essential functions such as the permanently switched on screen, the speaker, WLAN and the alarm clock. The location and NFC set to On Demand, so these radios will only turn on when applications are using them. In time-only mode, you get a few extra hours when the battery is low when you work as a watch. In short, if you want to take advantage of all of Gen 5’s features, you’ll need to charge it daily.

• Elegant and light design
• External speaker, more storage capacity.
• On-board GPS, NFC, HRM
• Google Assistant

• Bad battery life
• The screen could be brighter
• Battery saving modes restrict the functionality

Price : $295.00

Best women’s smartwatches price-performance ratio: Fossil Gen 4 Venture

women's smartwatches

For those who are not interested in a little commitment to good deals, the Smartwatch Fossil Gen 4 Venture is of interest. Although the outdated Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor continues to use, there is no external speaker, and less storage space is available than with the new Gen 5 models, you still get a lot for your money. You can wait up to a day for the battery to last before you need to charge it.

In addition to smartphone music and notifications controls, you also get some of the premium features that are usually only found in expensive smartwatches, such as integrated GPS, Google Pay, activity and heart rate tracking. It still comes with a better design but is a little less eye-catching than the Julianna. Various colour combinations are available for the stainless steel bracelet, including the rose gold, gold and silver variants.

Best women’s smartwatches timeless design: Michael Kors Access Runway

Sometimes you’re looking for the best of both worlds – a stable activity tracker with countless features in the list of a timeless smartwatch that never goes out of style. Michael Kors Gang will check all of these boxes. You benefit from a battery life of approx. Twenty-four hours, integrated GPS, heart rate and activity tracking, water resistance from 3 ATMs, Google Assistant, Google Play etc. It is available in different colours, including gold, pink, black, silver and rose gold. The beautiful design may give this watch the look of a simple look, but it is not.

With Access Runway, you can set personalized fitness goals, track calorie consumption, and assign exercise routines. There is a broad range of activities to choose from, such as elliptical training, aerobics, boxing, circuit training, and more. The only real downside is that iOS users need to have the Wear OS app in the background history for the smartwatch to stay connected. Otherwise, they won’t get any notifications. When your phone is connected, you can answer or reject calls (there is no speaker, so be prepared to use headphones). iOS users don’t have this luxury, but Android users can reply to text messages.

• different colour options
• Google Assistant
• Personalized activity monitoring
• react to texts; Answer calls on Android

• Limited iOS functionality
• Disappointing battery life
• Design isn’t ideal for intense workouts

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